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Managing Manhattan Properties Since 1990


Apartment Buying 101

Forty-five management executives offer their answers to questions that buyers are asking and that boards need to answer. Definitive Guide to Questions that Buyers Are Asking and Boards Need to Answer Depending on whom you talk to, the real estate market is picking up, is still pretty slow, or is poised to significantly move. There

Brave New World

Conceived in controversy and born in bitterness, Manhattan’s 789 West End Avenue has turned into a healthy and prosperous success story. By Bill Morris It was conceived in controversy. Born in bitterness. And raised on a diet of conflict and acrimony. Not exactly a prescription for a long and healthy life. Yet in spite of

Tightening Your Belt

Where to start, the steps you can take, the little things to remember. From your light bulbs to real estate assessments, Habitat’s key tips to saving money for a rainy (or even sunny) day. By Leslie Jay The key to saving money is remembering that if you don’t invest the time, you won’t make a