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Managing Manhattan Properties Since 1990

About Hoffman Management

As the third generation of a New York real-estate family, Steven and Mark Hoffman earn that confidence by personally overseeing each of the properties we manage. We want to make sure our business succeeds, so we make it our business to keep a sharp eye on the integrity of your investment.

Management Philosophy

When Hoffman Management was formed in 1990, we decided to exclusively oversee properties located in Manhattan. This important distinction allows us better access to your building for regular visits and in the event of an emergency. With an unwavering commitment to personalized service, we hand-deliver all correspondence to you, and we’re never more than a phone call away. Interaction is the most important element of what we do. We view our role as implementing building policies rather than setting them and we have found that the best approach is a consistent approach.

Responsive Service

In our opinion, the most important criterion for measuring the success of a management company is its ability to effectively communicate. We pride ourselves in providing the buildings we manage with continuous and concise information to allow for timely and informed decisions. Each telephone call we receive is returned by the end of the work day. We make no distinction among board members, shareholders and tenants: When someone calls with a problem, it is given immediate attention. This is the foundation of our process.

The Bottom Line

As third-generation real-estate operators, we have been schooled from a very early age to keep a watchful eye on each and every building expense. We work closely with the building’s accountants to prepare a budget for the upcoming year and treat this document as a living entity that is constantly reviewed rather than forgotten in a drawer until year’s end. We authorize every expenditure and review vendor invoices to ensure that the building is receiving a fair value for its dollars. Our 80 years of family experience in the real-estate industry allows us to tap an extensive professional network, and we seek out at least three bids for any purchase. It is our job to make certain that the right professionals are brought to the table and believe it is important to involve the board in selecting the appropriate vendors and contractors and to keep them closely advised of all repairs that need to be performed. Valued for our eye toward the bottom line, Mark conducts a seminar entitled “How to Control Variable Costs” at the Council of New York Cooperatives’ annual conference.

Unmatched Honesty and Integrity

Hoffman Management is committed to providing the highest possible management services and our fee is all-inclusive. We do not charge extra for day-to-day postage, faxes, copies or the like. We build relationships on the highest standards of personal service, constant communication and mutual respect. We handle all back-office operations in a timely, conscientious manner and translate all financial and maintenance terms into a language you can understand. While we have relationships with many brokers and can certainly assist in this capacity, rather offer explicit brokerage services to building residents, we choose to concentrate our efforts on the day-to-day management of your property.

Hoffman Management is a mid-sized property management firm that has under our care 45 buildings comprising approximately 4,000 units. At Hoffman Management, we know how crucial it is for you to be able to trust your property management team.

Hoffman Management - Co-op and Condo Management